Are you getting married in 2016?  Planning a wedding is fun and exciting, but involves a lot of small details to make your event special and reflect who you are as a couple.  Get started on your planning with some fresh new trending ideas for Weddings in 2016.

Personalize Your Wedding:


Photo Credit:  Michelle Lindsay Photography – His and Her Cocktails

  • Incorporate a theme that has significance in your life. If you got engaged surrounded by cherry blossoms in a botanical garden, why not incorporate the blooms in your stationary or centre pieces? If you and your partner met aboard a ship choose a nautical theme or host your wedding aboard a boat.
  • Customize monograms, lettering or illustrations on invitations or anything created just for you on your special day. Offer a creative accent to your event by personalizing stationary items such as napkins, hand towels and menus.
  • Offer a selection of personalized food, beverages and music such as His and Her Cocktails, a family favorite dish and offer music that reflects your background such as a steel drum player during cocktail hour.

Think like a foodie:

Give your guests a new food experience.


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  • Add fruits and herbs to the flower arrangements for a foodie inspired florals.  Such as mint basil, fruit vines, pear or kale.
  • Perfect pairing is pairing cocktails with food such as craft beer with pretzels or cookies and milk.
  • In today’s day and age everyone seems to have a dietary requirement, make sure that you give guests lots of choices.
  • Choose past hors d’oeuvres and desserts with a sit down dinner for an elegant serving style, or offer a buffet for a more laid back feel.

Fresh New Ideas:

Nobody wants a dated wedding.

  • The new trend is glitz, shimmer and sparkle. Metallics are surprisingly versatile, says New York City event-planning guru Harriette Rose Katz. “Depending on how and where you bring them into your celebration,” she says, “they can be elegant, whimsical, ethereal or even very natural.” Warm tons are popular such as rose gold and copper, but stay away from silver.  Rose gold will appear in everything this year from cocktails and desserts like rose champagne and icing for Wedding cakes to table linens, rings, and invitations.
    metallic-tableclothPhoto Credit:  Allyson Magda Photography- Metalic
  • Popular Flower arrangements are: free form bouquets with a variety of big and small blossoms in several colours, or ombre flowers by using a variety of flowers in one colour. This year many traditional ideas are changing. Full loose bouquets are replacing the once popular tight bouquets.  Multiple floral designs especially for long tables have replaced the one centerpiece per table method.  Instead of making identical centerpieces for each table try using different centerpieces for each table. Mason jars and burlap are out but the “fresh from the garden look” with seasonal-locally grown, wild flowers trend is here to stay in 2016.  Not using flowers is another flower trend by substituting with potted plants, lavender springs, or paper flowers.
  • Wedding Cakes have taken a shift from fondant to buttercream or to Naked Cakes that are only partially frosted, or unfrosted and decorated with berries, or fresh flowers.Pretty-Lusty-Beg-Island-Wedding-by-Katrina-Taggart-Photography-1Photo Credit:

A Wedding that is Fun for your guests

Engage your guests.


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  • Move away from the banquet style a party where everyone is seated at round tables and opt for long rectangular tables, or a variety of table sizes surrounding square or round smaller tables. Make guests comfortable and switch up the scenery by offering a lounge area for cocktail hour and the after party.
  • Open your guest’s palate with a Cocktail Station serving a selection of craft beer, tequila, champagne, or martinis, or for a non-alcoholic option a fresh juice bar.
  • Give the evening a mix of entertainment options such as a violinist for the ceremony, jazz band during dinner and DJ to liven up the after party.
  • Engage guests by creating a wedding hash tag to capture their favourite moments, and set up a selfie station to encourage guests to snap photos throughout the party.
  • Some people are opting for unplugged weddings, asking quests to put their phones away for part (like the ceremony) or all of the wedding. Think of what you want as a couple, and make sure to have a sign to let guests know what you want

What do you think of these trends for 2016?

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